Nano Derma pen DR-01

1 Technical theory (instruction of Nanometer biology technology)

Nanometer (nm) is length units, 1nm is one billionth meter, and around four atom diameter. The diameter of DNA chain is around one nanometer.
Nanometer technology is the high technology in 21 century, and nanometer materials have special performance that different from traditional materials. Nanometer technology is the revolutionary innovation of material technology.
Nanocrystals is developed by eight Chinese scientist, can improve the skin absorption ability of nutrition products for ten times. It is the highest achievement of biological nanometer technology, and has 12 patents in USA and China. Nanocrystals high efficiency beauty crystal plate is made from monocrystalline silicon according to skin structure and nanometer technology.


Three characteristics of nanocrystals

First safe:

The beauty equipment for absorption of the skin care products are mainly as wound micro needle, physical micro wave, laser and chemical penetration enhancer. These methods may insert the skin and hurt, easy infection, or have toxic and side effect and harmful for skin health.

Nanocrystals is designed and produced according to the skin, and the material is 99.9999% high purity monocrystalline silicon, without Lead and Mercury, have great biology compatibility. The contactor of nanocrystals is only 1/100 of skin interval. After open the pore, the skin will close in 20 minutes


Second:No pain and no wound

No pain and no wound, the contacting spot of nanocrystalline to skin is less than 80nm, height is 120μm, the depth of cuticle is 30μm, the depth of cuticle and epidermal layer is 200μm, then nanocrystalline can open the cuticle but can not hurt the corium layer and subcutaneous nerve, so no hurt and no wound.


Third: Permeate high efficiently

The absorption of nutrition products is the key problem of all the skin care companies, and it has not resolved completely until now. the skin care products can not permeate through the cuticle if with not physical microwave, laser, wounded micro-needle or chemical penetration enhancer, then the product can not reach the target area and with low level of absorption (only 0.3%). But the microwave, laser, wounded micro-needle or chemical penetration enhancer have deficiencies.

Use nanocrystalline can transport the active element to 60~70 micrometer under the skin, improve the permeating ability for skin care products then have effect rapidly. can release the skin care products homogeneously and slowly and 20 times higher than the traditional absorption. If use this equipment will have obviously result for the same skin care product.



Before & after treatment about Dermabrasion




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