Multifunctional acne treatment 7 color photon led skin rejuvenation pdt machine

1.To improve skin ageing and relaxation, pore bulky, the little wrinkles and other symptoms.
2.To improve the yellow and dark dumb skin caused by bad metabolism, poor circulation.
3. To improve the skin care in whitening, rejuvenation, complement skin moisture, and elimination of toxicant. 
4. Smoothen fine lines and remove wrinkle,Dispel black rim of the eye, eye bag, etc.

1. Obvious effect,short course, painless, without sick for leaveNo side effect,seamless,comfortable,painless

2. Easy to operation, twenty minute for course,one month for course of treatment
3. Long life-time, reliable quality, long continuous working time,suitable to all kinds skin

♦ Red light:
Promotes metabolism,accelerates blood circulation,improves skin moisture,increases skin collagen protein,intensifies skin elasticity and smoothes fine wrinkles.
♦ Blue light:
Bacteria killing,skin cleaning,cell activation,injury recovery,promoting protein-ossein composition.
♦ Purple light:
Red and blue light is the dual-band light;it combines both the effectiveness of light the rapy,especially useful in treating and repairing acne and acne-scars.
♦ Green light:
Effective reduction of melanin cell,decreased pigment formation,adjustment of skin gland function, adjustment of skin gland function,reduction of grease gland excitation.
♦ Yellow light:
Improving cell's oxygen alternation function,promoting mirco circulation,decomposing pigment,promoting lymph posion discharge,curing skin roughness,red spots and deficient circulations.
♦ Orange light:
Increase cells energy in proper sequence,it can acceler ateme tabolism effectively.
♦ Laser light:
Penetrate deep layer of skin,Accelerate active tissue’s metabolism,decompose splash,improve fine lines and flabby skin.



♦ RF Head:
Apply the RF technology to make the dispersing molecules get together. Then let the material element go through the skin smoothly. Push the molecular nutrition into skin tissues.


♦ LED Light Handle:
Using red and blue light to do skin phototherapy to customers’ chin,ears and other small ranges, so as to increase the elasticity of the skin, improve skin’s yellow and dark dumb situation, and improve pigment lesions.


♦ Ultrasonic Head:
To apply the sound waves ,enhance the skin penetration, soften the corneous layer, activate the deep skin and cells, promote the blood circulation, speed up metabolism,and make the product better absorbed by skin.


♦ Electric Injection Head for Fluid Product:
According to the customer’s care needs with different products, its main role is to open the molecular structure of the skin cells,so that the skin can form the fully open state to import the required energy.


♦ Skin Detection Head:
To use the high definition computer to analyse the customer's skin,then users can accurately analyze the attributes of the skin, such as the pigmentation, and acne etc.
♦ Cooling Probe:
Through the temperature outside alternating with cold and heat, it can make the product of the essence and the curative effect to maximize and let nutrients quickly penetrate into skin.



Technical Parameters:









Aluminum Case / Delicate Case / Common Case / Carton