7 color light PDT( Photon Dynamical Theory) beauty machine LED-1C(portable)

Treatment range

1. treat: Acne, pimple and black speckle.
2. Improve: Complexion of gray and yellow, numb nerve
3. Coalesce: Surface of wound after face lifting or surgery
4. Adjust: Incretion, ovarian maintenance, make breast plump
5. Remove: Wrinkle, fatigue, relieve pressure and improve the quality of sleep
6. Rehabilitate: Allergy of sting, injured area of laser and the technology of photon, deposition of pigmen

7.Anti-aging, reduce fine lines and wrinkles,leaving the skin with a healthy glow.

8.Improve pigments such as aging spots orfreckles.

9..Toning and tightening of face skin, great formature skin lacking elasticity.

10.Traumatized skin such as the pigment lesionor burn caused by IPL

Red Light at 640 nm

Increases collagen production fivefold in the skin, triggering repair mechanisms and stimulating fibroblast cells and cell growth.

Yellow Light at 590 nm

Treats redness and is also used for its soothing, draining and detoxifying properties. It also improves the lymph and blood circulatory system.

Blue Light at 415nm

Improves acne prone skin with its purifying and antibacterial properties. It effectively reduces the amount of fluid in the face and treats sensitive skin to provide a clear complexion.

Green Light at 525 nm

Reduces pigmentation through penetration into base skin layers. Prevents the forming of fleck, gravid and aging pigment to keep skin smooth and bright.

Purple light Red and blue light the dual band, it combine both the effectiveness of light therapy, espencially useful in treating and repairing acne and acne-scars
yellow  light

Increase cell energy in proper sequence, it can accelerate metabolism effectively.

Laser light Penetrate deep layer of skin, accelerate active tissue's metabolism, decompose splash, improve fine lines and flabby skin .

Light wave : 200-900 nm

Color : red,yellow,green,blue,purple,laser

Frequency :1-30hz

Energy : 20 J

Advantage of Product 1. Strong energy and density 
2. 720-degree eddy of the treatment head 
3. Bigger area irradiation, arc design of the light head suitable for the character of face
4. Control of the up-down pole for easy operation
5. One equipment with two different lights (red and blue), the keys for two lights can be easily switched 
6. 100% safety 
7. No hurt to the skin cell, no side effect
8. Simple operation, no need of professional training
9. Longer lifetime, steady capability, longer continued word time
10. No special nurse and normal dressing for skin after treatment, 
11. Fit for any kind of skin
12. Matrix arrange of light source for face treatment