4 in 1 body vacuum roller slimming machine with CE DM-M9  velashape machine 

S-005(Vacuum roller for body & face sculpture)

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Velashape machine theory:


1. Using near-infrared laser to adjust the impedance of the body
2. While taking advantage of mechanical movement caused by the negative pressure, the equipment can make RF penetration to the depth of 5-15mm under the skin. 
3. Using the technology of negative pressure to fold the skin, so the RF energy can penetrate two layers of folded skin directly, the equipment can greatly improve the efficacy and safety and the eye no longer a restricted operating area.



Velashape machine function:


(1) Firming skin, remove wrinkle, eliminate dark circles and improve the eye
Pattern, bags and so on.
(2) Raise the upper eyelid and wrinkle.
(3) Repair postpartum figure
(4)improve orange kind organization,reshape the figure and lose weight after liposuction shrinkage building.
(5)the whole body fat, local obesity,eliminate wrinkle, melt fat, firm skin and sculpt figure(arms, leg, Waist, shoulder and back,  abdomen and hip)
(6) Ease muscle aches and do systemic physical therapy, etc
(7)Repair gravid grain and improve different degrees of gravid grain


Velashape machine advantage: 


1. Active swing wheel , which will force the adipose tissue to active metabolize . 
2. Multifunction handpieces ,which will meet the requirements of whole body . 
3. Bipolar RF with two different frequency ,which can focus on different parts ,and will be safe and efficient .
4. Interlligent handpiece ,which can achieve the dynamic parameter adjustment . 
5. RF technology ,which can be applied to various types of fat tissue .






Color touch screen on the vacuum rf operation handle


Velashape machine effect:



Velashape machine Technique Parameter:



Vacuum roller with rf, infrared



Roller speed:


Negative pressure:

Absolute: 80kpa---10kpakpa


Vacuum handle:

4 pcs

RF frequency:


RF energy:

Max 60J/CM2

Laser wavelength:


Laser power:

Max. 20W






Company Service:


Payment Terms:
Payment mode: T/T , Western Union 


Packing and shipping:
-Standard Export Carton with fully Polyfoam/ wooden box


-Delivery within 5 working days after receiving payment
-Lifetime maintenance with professional technician team support


-1 year warranty for machine


-Within 3 months, supply free parts if the accessories have problems