Hydro water dermabrasion  and diamond dermabrasion  2 in 1  beauty machine SPA9.0


Water dermabrasion theory

Water dermabrasion system thoroughly revolutionizes the traditional personal manual techniques to clean the skin. With the usage of intelligent control of vacuum negative pressure , and the perfect combination of skin care products and equipment, it can deeply clean peeling horniness, acnes, black heads and other dirts on epidermis or inside pores. Besides, it can promote deeply absorptionof nutritional ingredients, shrink pores, smooth skin, moisture skin and improve skin texture.

Diamond dermabrasion theory

Diamond dermabrasion applies the theory that vacuum negative pressure can produce microwavevibration. It can treat various skin accordingly, increase circulation of blood and lymphatic system, promote regeneration of collagen fibers, elastic fibers and skin cells. Besides, it can deeply clean skin, metabolize thick cutin, rejuvenate skin, remove wrinkles and acnes, shrink porestighten skin, dilute pigmentation and improve scars

This machine had 2 handpieces:



1) 9tips Diamond for microdermabrasion handpiece


2) 4 Hydro tips for water microdemabrasion handpiece



Color LCD screen

Fashionable and environmentally friendly design

Automatic protection for the machine

Two working handles (one of water dermabrasion, one for diamond dermabrasion )

Four different depths of treatment caps for different parts of the face

Adjustable negative pressure and water flux

Non-invasive treatment, no side effects




 The customer is  testing the machine  in the beauty expo




Shrink pores
Tighten skin
Dilute pigmentation
Deeply clean dirts and metabolized thick cutin
Increase circulation of blood and lymphatic system
Promote deeply absorption of nutritional ingredients
Remove wrinkles, acnes and scars
Rejuvenate and whiten skin